Payments and Pricing

All Packages include access to your Creekhouse Apps user friendly Maintenance Dashboard with customer orientation session for updating and maintaining your App.


Standard Package – Web App compatible with All Mobile Devices

(Apps available on Mobile Web, Not Available in App Stores)

***Ideal for posting basic information such as Daily Specials, Entertainment Schedules, Contact and Location Details

$495 Construction and Design

$25 Monthly Service Fee and Software License (Includes Hosting)


  1. HTML5 Web App compatible with Apple, Android, Blackberry, Windows and most other mobile devices.  Please note many dynamic features limited with HTML5 version of product

  2. Graphic Design of Home Page and One Additional Background

  3. Up to 6 Basic Features*

  4. Standard QR Code

  5. 3 Month Free Trial of Native Android Application Placed in Google Play Market  (Android service may be continued for an additional $25 per month at end of free trial)

  6. 2 hours of data entry

*Additional features may be added for FREE using your Maintenance Dashboard


Premium Package - BEST VALUE

Upgrade to Native Apps available in Apple’s App Store and The Google Play Market

***Ideal for businesses looking to build and develop lasting customer relationships.

$995 construction and design fee

$75 monthly service fee and software license (includes hosting)

Includes All Features provided with Standard Package

Upgrades to:

  1. Native iOS Application available in Apple App Store upon completion; compatible with all Apple devices

  2. Guaranteed Approval into the Apple App Store or your money back
  3. Native Android Application available in Google Play Market compatible with all Android Phones

  4. Customer Loyalty and Reward Programs Available

  5. Up to 12 enhanced features integrating Native Phone features where applicable.*

  6. Image Design Customized to each app feature. (Up to 5)

  7. Custom QR Code

*Additional features may be added for FREE using your Maintenance Dashboard


Optimization Package - Optimize Your App for iPhone 5 and iPad

***Ideal for companies looking to build and develop lasting customer relationships and promote a cutting edge corporate image

$1495 Construction and Design Fee

$100 monthly service fee and software license (includes hosting)

Includes all feature inlcuded in Premium Package

Upgrades to:

  1. Optimization of iPhone 5 graphics

  2. Separate iPad Application with optimized graphics

  3. Custom Buttons and Headers

  4. Up to 10 Custom Thumbnails for informational and web listings (Thumbnails Display on Apple Devices only).


Additional Notes:

  1. Customer to provide all content.  Creekhouse Apps designs are based on existing logos and branding concepts.  Logo development not included in price

  2. Data entry required beyond 2 hours of allocated time may be completed by customer using the Creekhouse Apps Management Dashboard or by Creekhouse Apps at an additional cost of $50 per hour.

  3. Applicable taxes are not included in prices listed above

  4. Orientation training session for use of the Creekhouse Apps Management Dashboard included in price.

  5. Apple developer account required for upload to the app store.  Current cost is $100/year plus applicable taxes.  For more information visit:

  6. Creekhouse Apps Terms of Service Apply